“I’m saving nearly 300km of travel by checking my Camera on my phone through the app whenever I like. I have peace of mind going to bed each night knowing how reliable my camera is and how quickly I can see if something has gone wrong with my troughs.” Scott G, Queensland.

“uSee’s Remote Monitoring devices are an essential tool for our enterprise. It has saved us a fortune in time and allowed us to pick any potential water problem before they become one. With every farm growing in scale these days this is the only way you can truly know what’s going on all the time.” Jock G, New South Wales.

“I have a uSee Tank Sensor and it’s been fantastic. I save close to 100km per week that I’m not driving around checking my tanks and I think it’s great that I can manage the system myself and how much I spend on the data.” Clive P, Queensland.

“The cameras have proved themselves well and truly over the years. It allows me to do other things around the farm that probably wouldn't be getting done while I'm wasting time driving around checking troughs." Chris P, Western Australia.

“I’ve been using a uSee Tank Sensor for a few years new and have found Harrington Systems Electronics to be really supportive whenever I’ve needed help with it. They have continually improved their service and the quality of their products.” Sharon J, Queensland.

“The uSee Tank Level has saved our troughs many many times. With the level notifications coming directly to myself and my son, between the two of us we can get onto the problem immediately.” Mark W, Northern Territory.

“I like being able to put credit onto my camera when I need it so that I’m wasting money for when I’m not using the camera. Its an easy system to use and Harrington Systems Electronics always follow if I ever need support.” Tony R, Queensland.

Phone: 1300 485 629

Email: support@harringtonsystems.com.au