uSee Remote Monitoring

uSee Remote Monitoring is a revolutionary remote monitoring solution that captures live data and images of a targeted site.

The cloud-based cameras and tank sensors allow you check livestock watering points, feeding devices or other sites and access the data through your mobile device or computer via the uSee website and app.

The solar powered units work on mobile and satellite coverage, have flexible hardware and are easy to install allowing you to position them at any site or watering point that needs monitoring.

Notifications and Alerts through email and SMS can be customised so you know when an image is taken and if a tank or dam level has changed allowing you to make informed decisions and save time. The website and app allow you to observe current data, view past data, change the image and data schedule, top up your credit and view costs saved.

uSee Remote Monitoring is the solution to help you increase productivity, increase animal welfare, reduce costs and most importantly give you peace of mind.

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Harrington Systems Electronics

Harrington Systems Electronics

Harrington Systems Electronics is an agtech company that specialises in remote monitoring, RFID and customisable farm management solutions. 

Harrington Systems Electronics was established in 2005 by director William Harrington who was completing his Computer Systems Engineering degree and thesis on RFID Readers in the cattle industry at the time. As a result, William and his family developed The Pipe Reader, a NLIS tag reader designed to be tough, simple and reliable and with rural conditions in mind.

After the extraordinary success of The Pipe Reader and out of necessity to help with property management, William used his interest of technology in the agricultural industry and launched uSee Remote Monitoring.

uSee Remote Monitoring has provided a much-needed solution by increasing productivity, reducing costs associated with water management, increasing animal welfare and most importantly giving users the peace of mind knowing they can simply check on things at any moment.

In 2016 William became a Nuffield Australia Scholar and embarked on a 4-week, worldwide trip to study the global use of remote monitoring technologies in agriculture and presented a report on how adoption can be increased by beef producers in Australia. He has since followed his keen interest in remote technology and connectivity and set up Wi-Sky, a high-speed internet service that caters specifically to rural communities and properties in northern Queensland.

Harrington Systems Electronics has further worked on ATV and Quad Bike GPS tracking and rollover alarms, weather stations, weed control and electric fence monitoring and continues to diversify and create practical technology-based products that will stand up to rural conditions.

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